When to drink

  • energy
  • stressed
  • daily

  • slim
  • playful
  • need to
  • hydrate

drink sonic when you need focus

Grab a Neuro Sonic to get the energy, clarity and focus you need to take on the world and smash through your goals!

drink bliss to get rid of stress

Neuro Bliss is clinically studied to help lower the amount of stress hormone, Cortisol. You’ve earned a reward for your long day of work, calm your mind with a Neuro Bliss!

drink daily for vitamins and minerals

With everything we encounter in the world, it’s never been more important to get vitamins and minerals in your diet. Neuro Daily gives you the essential support (Vitamin C, Vitamin D and more) you need to provide your immune system with what it needs to be strong and effective.

neuro TRIM is your own personal trainer in a BPA free bottle.

Neuro Trim uses Glucomannan to help curb appetite as well as a small amount of green tea derived caffeine to keep your body moving!

neuro GASM is playful, yet powerful; delicious, yet sexy.

Playful energy from a natural blend of l-theanine, caffeine, alpha GPC & resveratrol increases the body’s drive to perform and the stamina to satisfy.

drink sleep when you need sound sleep

Jetlagged? Final Exams? New Parent? Late Finish/Early start to the Day? Just can’t fall asleep or stay asleep when you need to? Then reach for a bottle of neuroSLEEP. Melatonin and Magnesium combine to make this delicious supplement a go-to to help you get the rest you need.

NEURO AQUA is Premium Hydration

It’s time to hydrate! Alkaline water (8.5pH) with naturally occurring magnesium from Pure Adobe Spring water is the perfect combination to revitalize and refresh your dehydrated body.